Falling Under Control (random post)

Going a week without the PC this time wasn’t too hard.  Every night when Paul came home from work I could quickly check my email on his laptop.  It wasn’t the same as turning to the computer every time I had a question, but it was so much easier than the weeks without internet when Earthlink was being such a pain.  If I dare say, this week was very good for me. 

As I came up for air after being so depressed this summer, there was a gradual, but unmistakable snap.  The need to regain control is slowly seeping to every facet of my life.  Finally, finally, I am taking control of my house.  I no longer delude myself into thinking I’m going to get help, and I’ve found a few minutes every day to do some real work.  Fall has always been my spring cleaning season, but this year I’m already more successful and purging, organizing, and sticking with it, than any other year.  I’m sure it’s the cooler weather (it R-A-I-N-E-D last night!!!) combined with my need to organize.  Most of it is behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, so some days the apartment appears worse instead of better, but I know what I’m doing, and I can see a difference.

The more I do the better I feel. 

It’s fall.  The weather is cooler so we can get out more, even though I haven’t yet solved my stroller dillemma.  I want a jogger.  My Dad has offered to buy me a stroller, but I just can’t say, “I found the one I want, please send me a cheque for $400 US, plus 8.5% tax plus shipping.”  I’m hoping I can find a decent one on craigslist, my BIL did. 

It’s fall.  The sun doesn’t come so directly into the front of our apartment so I could try again to grow some plants, but I have finally embraced the climate and purchased some succulents.  It was just too depressing to get attached to new growth only to see it fry out and die.  Now, if I can’t keep the cacti alive then we’ll know it’s a problem with me.  In the meantime I am hopeful and happy.   

It’s fall.  We’re all back from our family vacations and our kids are over the freak late-summer illnesses (ear infections, eye infections, croup, high fevers . . .)  Yesterday was our first day of playgroup in two months.  It felt so good to be out, playing with our friends.  It felt normal.  I felt normal. 

Boy Blue can sit.  He’s been doing so all month long.  It’s very exciting because he feels big.  I can put him down and he’ll play for half an hour.  Little Red never let me walk away when he was little.  Boy Blue’s disposition allows me to get things done around the house.  It’s amazing that my house is cleaner than it was when I had only one.

It’s fall, and this is my first random post in months.  I thought my brain was more collected but my week’s worth of thoughts came out in a jumble.  I didn’t intend for this to be random post or even a brain dump.  I have only one more thought to drop into this gurgling pensieve:

It’s fall.  It’s one month till Hallowe’en and once again I’m idiotically deluded into thinking I’m going to make the costumes.  I’m really struggling with the pattern for Little Red’s.  This might just be the year we finally break down and purchase costumes.  If any of you are especially brilliant in the sewing arts, please send me a note.  I think if I just talk out my idea I can find a way to make it work.

7 thoughts on “Falling Under Control (random post)

  1. I don’t know what jogger your looking at, but I love mine. The jogger I have is made by baby trend. I think it was around $260. They probably have used ones on ebay. If you want I have an expo TV review on it. Here is my video. My review makes me laugh.

  2. I liked your random thoughts–we had some cooler weather–but it is hot again. Oh well, We do get a real fall here, and it is just around the corner.

    As for Halloween costumes. I don’t sew–I have always told my kids that the word “sew” was not in my vocabulary. But they always had great costumes. It is the sillouette that counts. ie the year we did pirates for trunk or treat, and the kids were all pirates. Striped shirts [thrift store] knee pants [Dad’s pushed up and tied with a covered up ribbon] and hats–living in the East we’ve several tri-cornered hats. Our captain had a jacket like Jack Sparrow [thrift store]. A couple eye patches and a cardboard parrot on a shoulder [taped] and they were good to go–3 kids and I spent less than a store bought costume for one. Need ideas or help with your idea? Contact me through Sariah. We’ve done all the regular stuff and more besides over the years. Make-up helps, too.

  3. hehe I love random blogs (probably because that is the majority of mine!)

    Yay for Autumn!!!! It was getting cool out here for a week…then it got hot again…but it looks like its going to cool off again in a few days. It was downright depressing to be at the end of September today and still have the temp be 95^!

    I’m glad you are getting everything organized and getting out and about! I hope you are able to find the perfect stroller for a good price! Good luck!

  4. I like the random thought posts as well… and I do them on my blog also.
    Out of all the craft hobby things I do… sewing is so NOT one of them. I did see a program on TV not that long ago where the kids were dressed all in black, with those thin glow sticks (sewn or glued – I dont know which) up the legs of the pants, arms of the shirt… in a stick man figure — sorry hard to explain… but it looked totally cool… kike these stick figures walking around.

    Have you decided what you want your little ones to go as yet?

    Oh I LOVE the stick man idea. I think we’ll do that next year when the little one can walk. This year I asked Little Red what he wanted to be, and have gone with that theme. I know WHAT I want to do, and I think after some serious brainstorming this weekend, I know how. Whether I can get both costumes done in a month … well that remains to be seen. I don’t decorate for Hallowe’en, but it’s always very exciting to see if I can finish sewing before we walk out the door for the party. 😉

  5. I love my double jogging stroller. It has a small front wheel that pivets, it fits through doorways at the mall and down aisles with ease. I found it on e-bay, but it’s brand new. When I remember the brand name I’ll tell you.

    I was so happy to see that you received a downpour over the weekend, we didn’t get as much out of that storm as we would have liked but happy none the less.

    I was wondering how you were getting online when your computer was in the shop.

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