Taxes – urg

Getting this year off to a good start (ie: really need that money!) and have started the taxes.

Self-employment tax cannot be absorbed into the child tax credit? What the heck?!?! I can’t get the full child tax credit because our traditional tax burden is less than the tax credit but I can’t put the remainder of the credit toward my self-employment tax.

The American dream is to own your own business? Ha. This country is built for corporations and wants only to stomp on the dreams of entrepreneurs.

(I had less grouchy things to say before I sat down to work on my taxes. I’ll be myself again tomorrow.)

One thought on “Taxes – urg

  1. I’m annoyed that I can’t claim to be an educator and get the tax kickback for buying curriculum & school supplies. Hello, the govt isn’t having to pay for my kids education so I should get the money that is allotted to them since I’m the one educating them! grrr…

    Good luck getting your taxes finished! I got mine done the other day…but I’m waiting a few days and then I’m going to go through them again with a clear head and make sure I didn’t mess anything up! I’m always paranoid that I’m going to screw something up on there! 🙂

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