Discovering Los Angeles: Travel Town

Cross-posted from Cherry Blossoms The Blog.


I challenge you to find a little boy who didn’t go through a train phase.  For that matter, most little girls and grown ups think trains are pretty cool, too.  That’s why Griffith Park’s Travel Town is such a gem for Angelenos.  This open air train museum draws people far and wide to pay tribute to the rich railroad history of the area.

There is no charge for admission or parking, although they do ask that you leave a donation to help maintain the park, and there is a fee if you want to have a birthday party there.  (And you do, that’s like rockstar status!)  The trains are laid out in the open-air and while some of them are only for looking, some of them are okay for climbing!

It’s not all outdoors, there is an indoor pavillion as well.  (Hint:  bring along some of your trains from home or buy some at the gift shop for hours of fun on the wooden train set.)

For a couple of dollars you can purchase tickets to ride the miniature train around the perimeter of Travel Town.  Worth every penny, every time.

Travel Town is open every day of the year except Christmas day.  Visit them on cold, winter evenings and ride to the North Pole for a very special adventure.  (There is a charge for this special event.)

On the train to the North Pole — no camera could do it justice!

At Travel Town there is no wrong side of the tracks.

Yes, I wrote that cheesy line so I could gratuitously add a cute picture of the boys when they were little!

Tell us: have you been to Travel Town?  Have you been there for a birthday party?  Be honest: who has more fun, you or the kids?


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