Backporch Visit

In case you were wondering, our urban homestead is not exactly an oppossum habitat, but twice this spring this guy has come to visit. I think he lives in the big trees on our street, and has been disturbed by the city’s annual tree-trimming events. He is clearly intruiged by my husband’s delicious brisquet remains in the grill, usually he just walks along the wall.

Incidently, my yellow freesias have bloomed! Not bad for a dollar-store bag of bulbs that sprouted in my dark powder room, eh?

4 thoughts on “Backporch Visit

  1. He’s cute! I hope he isn’t a bother, because he’s pretty neat to see.

    Maybe that’s just because we don’t have those up here (in my part of Canada, anyway).

    [found you through mama business]

    I’m originally from the Yukon. I’d never seen something like this before, either. He’s cute upon inspection, but the first time I saw him scampereing along, in my peripheral vision I thought “gross, there’s a giant rat outside my window!”
    Welcome, btw, and thanks for stopping by!

  2. How funny! I’ll bet little red gets a kick out of seeing that! I didn’t know that you have a back yard with your apartment! How nice!

    No backyard, just a porch big enough for our grill and some potted plants.

  3. In our neighbourhoods we have HUGE jackrabbits that show up. In our last yard, we had one that loved to eat under our spruce tree in our front yard. This house, we see them at the park across the street from us. A couple weeks ago, we saw two of them!! Logan actually got upset when the first showed up and immediately climbed as high as he could on the big toy! It was so funny!! But these rabbits are ENORMOUS!! I would love to have something cute like your possum come to my house!! hahaha…

  4. I thought of you today when I saw an animal in our backyard that I didn’t recognize. For a short time I thought it could be a small opossum, but after a bit of research I decided it must be a large deer mouse.

    The first time I saw this guy I had no idea what he was, either. I saw him quickly scurry with the corner of my eye and I thought, “ugh, what a big rat!”

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